Worker Attacks Dogs with a Wrench

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First of all notice the Yellow Notice in the workers hand, he is there to cut something off. Those two dogs were released with the intention of scaring the worker away…..despicable. Next time worker, come through with a wrench and screwdriver in hand, that way you can clap the damn dogs and then stab them to death.

162 thoughts on “Worker Attacks Dogs with a Wrench

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  3. I always knew he was a pratI did not say he was stupid I said he was and is a prat, and if not wanting to be governed by an unelected committee of corrupt officials sloshing about in the gravyboat of my money makes me a ‘little Englander’ then so be it

  4. painful, sad, sick – but it happens. and it thrills too. i don’t know and i can’t imagine the shit that sth like this can do to a kid’s head. it’s a mystery and it’s scary and beautiful and awe-ful because it’s incomprehensible, just like God, the human mind can’t grasp it and all we can do is guess why such things happen.

  5. Awww. I didn’t even know you wanted to go. If I had, I would have had a drawing or something! I’m crossing my fingers and toes for you.And yes, you DO deserve to fly off and do something fun. You ARE a real blogger and if you didn’t believe it before, believe it now. Club Mom does!!!! And so do I :)(thanks for all the linky love!)

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  11. Such a good comment, it was posted twice!Well, all I can say is that if he were more tolerant his hair would look better.Will he even bother to issue a statement? This vote is par for the course with Mr. Shuler. OR will it read like the Republicans today on the House Floor. I am trying to put together a clip show of their remarks, but software is not behaving. One would think by their comments ENDA would lead to the destruction of Amurica!

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  15. I’m afraid I must differ. To extend your analogy, Mr Wright has seen the trigger squeezed, heard the bang, and felt the bullet – and now, on these grounds, supports gun control. He ignores the question of whether gun-control laws lead to more or fewer gunshot wounds, because his personal experience has led him to ignore the base rate.

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  17. Krav Maga techniques have been thoroughly tested in real-life situations.Dr. Helen–the book may claim this, but from what I’ve read in reality-based fighting forums, the quality of individual instructors (and the reliability of the techniques they impart) really does vary–some teach that high kicks to the head are an effective self-defense move (and you can even see this in you-tube videos), but this is a big no-no. Similarly, kicking a knife out of someone’s hand.

  18. "and the governor of Ohio just signed a bill into a law that makes it cool to carry a concealed weapon in a bar."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I'm getting this image of a wild wild west bar where the two little doors swing open and in walks the cowboy with his gun drawn, "howdy pahtner"….

  19. Oh querida Animo!!!! Tens que ver o lado positivo, se não conseguires umas férias muito grandes tenta arranjar um fim de semana prolongado para aproveitarem todos juntos. Quanto ao assalto foi uma grande sorte… Nesse caso não sei se não ficaria como tu, feliz por não ter acontecido a ti mas ao mesmo tempo receosa.Beijoca e anima-te!

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  28. Wow! This is amazing Wes. Beautiful Family. How humbling this must be. God is mysterious and wonderous and this is just a touch of Gods heart. I am so happy you were able to have an opportunity to go and see and come back and share God’s wonderous works. Great pictures you just might have to sell a few of these.

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  31. ""…paradoxically Israel can only have peace, when it refuses it…""That goes for ANYONE dealing with Arabs/Muslims/Islamists! By feeding Israel to the crocodile, the appeasers only achieve a very tiny breathing space before it's their turn. Sultan Knish! Thank you for your continued work – you are one of the few lights at the end of the tunnel which is sure not to be the headlight of an oncoming train…I wish you were though!

  32. Thank you for any other magnificent article. I have felt this for a ling time, I agree with the words of caution that everyone is giving. The good old US of A has turned its face away from God.We lost my husband last year. He knew this was coming. He told everyone he knew that America would never have another election. We’ll have to see.Maybe the question should be, How can God keep refraining from pouring out His judgements on this once great land of ours. And I don’t understand how we Christians will be spared.Miracle maybe!Bless you all,Carol C from Miami

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  34. without disputing any of the nitpicks above, and speaking as a non-Melburnian, the thing that strikes me in looking through the Melbourne 2030 plan, the transport plan, and the debate around it, is how much more advanced Melbourne is than other places in Australia (at least to my knowledge Sydney, Brisbane and Canberra). At least the Vic govt is giving some thought to limiting the expansion of outer outer suburbia and develop more sophisticated public transport, even if its current policies don’t fully reflect that.

  35. William Faulkner on the role of artists (Dec 10, 1960):It is his privilege to help man endure by lifting his heart, by reminding him of the courage and honor and hope and pride and compassion and pity and sacrifice which have been the glory of his past. The artist’s voice need not merely be the record of man, it can be one of the props, the pillars to help him endure and prevail. Vietnamese artists : we need you to be the healer of sufferings, and instead of the perpetrator of pains.

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Video looks good but probably a fake….don’t know about the brown Bears in Japan nonsense or the bear sound effects in the background. It’s...

Tom Clancy’s The Division for PS4

Live Ps4 broadcast last night….finally had the chance to sit down and play and I’m already loving it. Enjoy the video…

Meek Mill And Crew Beat Up Quentin MIller In The Nike Store

Damn Meek, even when your handing out L’s you end up taking them. Now Meek and the DreamChasers have denied this, but come on. You beating...