Justin Bieber Gets Choked Easy

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Looks like White Iverson bout to put the beats on Lil Bieber, and its a bit too late to say I’m sorry, hopefully Post will calm down and Bieber wont have to die too young….die too young….yeah. Tsk, this is what happens when you pretend and pose, little moneyed up suspect trying to ash his lit blunt/joint on the next man like some privileged bitch-made prankster. Acts like this are only served well with a choke, slap or choke slap combo. This little wizzle takes L’s on a regular basis money and all. And before you go feeling sorry for the little bitch-ass dude just remember, he loves him some good ol’ nigger jokes. On a side note, white on white crime is on the rise…..The beef might not be real but I hope it is……it would have to be a Post Malone that finally checked him, all these rap sellouts, its a wonder why black folk still rock with Justin…..as a matter of fact, that’s the problem…we sweep offenses under the rug and support the same ones who think the least of us, we patronize establishments and support companies that don’t support us, we buy from everyone and refuse to form a network to support our own projects, all theses enclave communities and we refuse to unify and coordinate effectively. We need to get it together, and remove the little Justin Bieber inside all of us.

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Justin Bieber Gets Choked Easy

Looks like White Iverson bout to put the beats on Lil Bieber, and its a bit too late to say I’m sorry, hopefully Post...

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